Hey, I’m Chris,
        and I'm a time traveler.

        I get the opportunity to run alongside people in their finest (and sometimes, most transitional) moments, to find what’s true in them, and to pack as much of it into one frame as I can. If even just one of the images we create together remains on your wall for the next twenty or thirty years, I will have succeeded in uniting you with who you were, exactly, in that time of your life.

        Now here are some photos my kid took of me. :)

        Okay, but who is Chris, really?

        If you'd like to know more about me as a person, just ask! I'm into equality, parenting, road tripping, being outside, sour beer, gardening, speculative fiction / sci-fi, and rock and roll music. I want to see as much of the world as I can. I'm a terrible dancer but I do it every chance I get. I've been taking pictures for over twenty eight years, and I plan to keep at it until I die.


        Hey! What are you really good at?
        Thanks for asking! I'm really good at getting to know people well enough to give them some real representation of themselves, and some idea of how they look to the people who love them. We're always beautiful to the people who love us.
        How do I know if you're the photographer for me?
        Take a look at my photos and check out my reviews on yelp and facebook! I think most of the people I've clicked best with were clients who were willing to be open and vulnerable with me, who were willing to share their feelings openly, and who were interested in having me capture that.
        Okay, does that mean we have to be super gross and mushy all the time during our photo session?
        Absolutely not. While touch is a really great way to convey connection in photos, whatever the level of display of affection you're comfortable with is okay with me. There are lots of other ways we show emotion to each other, from the way our eyes soften when we look at each other, to the way we laugh when someone we love says something clever. Whatever your love language is, we'll find some way to capture it.
        What sort of equipment do you use?
        Actually, no one's asked me that in a while, but if you're REALLY interested, I'm on team Canon. Sometimes my second shooters use Nikon or Sony or Fuji. I'm more worried about the product than the means. Basically, I have a whole bunch of stuff and I'll bring the right tools for what we want to do. For specifics, just shoot me a line.
        What are your rates? Do you have prints and albums available?
        For photography of any type, my fee structure is as follows:
        -$250 30 minutes
        -$500 60 minutes
        -$350/hour for all services two hours or longer
        -$100/hour add a second photographer to events two hours or longer
        For the most part, this includes a gallery fully edited, downloadable digital images. Intimate portraits and special styled portrait events may include only a limited number of images.
        I've got all sorts of wonderful printed products and really stunning albums available, if you'd like a more tangible way to enjoy your images. Contact me or check out the investment guides on this site for more information!